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Working proactively with our clients, we provide a range of environmental legal services to help clients navigate through complex regulatory frameworks. We identify cost-effective measures to achieve environmental compliance and mitigate existing or potential environmental problems with an eye toward avoiding costly litigation.

Specifically, we:

  • Assist property owners with the management and remediation of property contaminated due to past or present uses on that or neighboring properties;
  • Facilitate the purchase, sale, or lease of contaminated property (i.e. dry cleaners or auto repair shop) to minimize the client’s liability for the contamination and complete any necessary clean-up;
  • Work with property owners (including community and homeowner associations) with compliance and regulatory issues arising from dams, wetlands, streams, lakes, ponds and buffers;
  • Handle the environmental permitting and compliance needed for property management, construction, and development, including NPDES permits, erosion and sedimentation, air regulations, hazardous waste, and solid waste permits or abandoned waste;
  • Assist property owners or business operators to maintain environmental compliance on an ongoing basis dealing with a diverse range of clients and uses including golf courses, shipping companies, real estate trusts, and property management companies;
  • Work with developers before, during, and after construction of a project to ensure ongoing compliance with erosion and sedimentation laws and regulations and increased storm water issues with an eye towards avoiding litigation;
  • Help clients including neighborhood and community groups deal with zoning, access, and other land use issues;
  • Draft environmental covenants, easements (i.e. greenways, common property, natural resources) and environmental provisions of various real estate documents; and,
  • Assist property owners with the protection and management of natural resources including streams and wetlands.
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