At Weissman, we believe our most important work is creating an environment where exceptional people can thrive and be rewarded. To that end, we make the following commitments to our current and future professionals:

We model professionalism and respect.

We value the unique contributions of our employees and seek out ways to support their success. A thriving work environment, a culture of collaboration and a steadfast commitment to exceeding client expectations are all hallmarks of a career at Weissman.

We invest in you—and in our community.

We are committed to your success—and to providing all the tools you need to develop personally and professionally. We demonstrate it by offering a comprehensive onboarding process, providing informational and technical resources that sustain our business processes and by encouraging and supporting involvement in industry associations and community organizations that align with the development goals and personal interests of our engaged professionals.

We encourage a spirit of creativity and innovation.

When we attract exceptional professionals with unique skill sets and a passion for excellence, we demonstrate our insistence on collectively creating a better way of doing business. We challenge the status quo and seek out new ways to provide value to our clients and colleagues.

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