Our past experience protects your future potential.

When litigation is necessary, our environmental team can apply extensive experience in handling complex cases and a stellar track record of successful resolution. With years of unparalleled experience in Georgia and the Southeast, we offer representation for issues relating to water pollution, dams, wetlands, erosion and sediment control, solid and hazardous waste, cost recovery and contribution related to the remediation of contaminated property. Environmental concerns often go hand in hand with related land use issues and our environmental team is also experienced in land use litigation involving zoning, permitting, easements, and condemnation. Specifically, we:

  • Address ongoing damages to commercial, residential, or community property  with lakes, ponds, or streams using tools such as the Clean Water Act and similar statutes;
  • Resolve issues of hazardous waste contamination on property through litigation;
  • Assist clients in responding to governmental or other regulatory enforcement issues;
  • Obtain compensation for and relief from damages to property from excessive storm water and sediment discharges;
  • Address issues with trash, debris, and other wastes using state and federal laws to facilitate clean-up and compensation for property damages;
  • Represent developers in avoiding and if necessary resolving environmental claims;
  • Represent environmental and community groups in matters seeking the protection and preservation of natural resources; and,
  • Help property owners resolve a broad range of land use issues arising from the use of or protection of existing property uses.
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