Jill G. Stoumen

Of Counsel

Jill Stoumen is an attorney in the firm’s residential real estate practice.   A seasoned attorney, she brings a wealth of experience working with buyers, sellers, agents, lenders and investors on real estate transactions.  She understands the complex nuances of solving title problems and has a keen understanding of negotiation and the closing process.  Jill places a strong emphasis on client service ensuring each party to the transaction enjoys a smooth closing experience.

Prior to joining Weissman PC, Jill spent over 10 years practicing as a real estate attorney in the Atlanta area. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with her family. She also volunteers with the Sandwich Project providing meals to the homeless and food insecure in the Atlanta area.



Tulane University (B.A.)

Tulane University School of Law (J.D.)

Professional Affiliations

State Bar of Georgia

Bar Admissions


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