General Counsel

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We do whatever it takes to build a better community. We translate. We guide. We listen.

Because community associations are non-profit corporations, our role as general counsel is vital to an assocation’s corporate interests and responsibilities. It is much like the role of a city attorney. Weissman attorneys serve as general counsel to associations providing guidance and business-minded advice.

Our attorneys are always available to assist boards and their managers in addressing any legal issues which might arise. We regularly address questions regarding interpretation of the governing documents, election procedures, assessment authority, maintenance responsibilities, zoning issues, security within the community, taxation, insurance coverage, architectural changes proposed by homeowners, membership, board adopted rules and regulations, procedures for enforcing restrictions in declarations, by-laws and rules and regulations, and association control over the leasing of units. We are eager to discuss any matter over the telephone with the members of the board or the association’s manager or provide written opinion letters or legal memorandums. We also frequently attend board meetings, as well as hearings for owners before the board.

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Watch us on YouTube Follow Us on Our Blog